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Publishers & businesses of all kinds are looking for games, game technology and developers. Make sure they can find you. lets you set up a searchable profile to showcase your company and your games to companies actively looking.

Our goal is to help you make more money. We create inbound opportunities to break the hand-to-mouth development cycle. We help you monetize your games, tech and IP in new ways by matching you to companies that need what you have. If you are new, we help you get discovered.

If have a game at any stage of development, and you are looking for a publisher to help with funding, marketing or distribution, FGD is a great place to find the right partner. Publishers are on FGD actively seeking games to publish.

Whether you are a full-service game studio, or just a single programmer or artist, promote your IP & skills to those who need it.

Join FGD and start creating new business opportunities. It's free to join!


Find the right Developer. Find the perfect game. lets you search for developers and games based on your specific needs.

You can view detailed developer profiles including the developer's expertise and experience, and detailed game info such as game genre, platform, screenshots, videos and links. See which awards a developer has won and how well-respected they are in the industry. If you are interested, send them a message or follow them to see what's new.

FGD enables you to find the best developer for your game project. Don't start from scratch; find a developer that has proven expertise and an existing game to maximize your project's chance for success. Reduce your risk and your budget, and spend more time polishing than building.

FGD is also a great place to hunt for the next big hit. Talented developers are joining daily and looking for publishers to make their games a success.

Basic membership is free, so you can start looking for developers today!

Game Title
Dev Name
Game Genre
Game Platform
Kostya Teterin
iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Plata Games
Graphic Adventure, Otome, City-building
Android (phones, smartphones and tablets)
Retora Game Studios
Life Simulation
iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phones, smartphones and tablets)
Héctor León
Football (American)
Android (phones, smartphones and tablets)
Shoot 'em up
iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Developer Type
# of Games
Los Angeles
Art / Graphics
San Francisco
Winner of two 2012 Game Audio Network Guild Awards for work on Kinect Disneyland Adventures!
Full-service Games Studio
More than twelve years working with the tools and the different processes involved in videogames, we achieve a mastery in our craftmanship. Wa have worked on titles such Deadlight, Heavy rain, Motorstorm 2, Zack Zero, Commandos 2, Ozone...
Quality Assurance
We are India based team of gaming professionals and Certified Software Testers with specialization in QA Testing Services on PC, MAC, iOS and Android based platforms. Please visit to know more about u
Full-service Games Studio
GameVision Studios is a full service game development and outsourcing company. We provide game development services and turnkey solutions to global clients.

FGD's sole mission is to help developers and publishers make better games, sounder decisions and more money together

WHAT IS FIND GAME DEVELOPERS? is an online tool that connects game developers and game publishers.

FGD enables Publishers to find game developers and games to publish, and helps developers to promote themselves, their games and their tech.


We saw too many situations where a publisher couldn't find the right developer for a game project. This resulted in a game that was late, over-budget and sometimes not very good. Both developer and publisher were unhappy. In reality, the perfect developer with the right experience and technology was probably out there. The publisher just couldn't find them.

There are more good developers and games out there from all over the world than at any time in our industry. There are boundless development and publishing opportunities. However, there currently isn't an effective way for publishers and developers to find each other. is dedicated to solving this problem.


We are a group of highly experienced gamers and game industry professionals that are deeply passionate about the game industry. We've been doing games for 15 years, and we want to make the industry better.


We will work tirelessly to make FGD valuable to you. Send us your suggestions. We are listening.


What is "" (FGD)?

Find Game Developers, or FGD, is a site that allows game publishers to find game developers.

Why should I use

If you are a game publisher looking for a developer to create your next game, or are looking for games to publish, FGD can help you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. FGD showcases developers from all over the world who develop different genres of games on a wide variety of platforms.

If you are a game developer that wants to build games for publishers, or is looking to get your game published, FGD can help you promote your studio and your games to interested publishers that are actively looking.

Who is behind FGD?

FGD was founded by seasoned video game industry veterans. We saw a flaw in the way publishers and developers found each other, which resulted in too many bad games, missed opportunities and stressed developer/publisher relationships. We started FGD to solve these problems.

What is the difference between a Developer and a Publisher Account?

Developer and Publisher accounts share many of the same features.

However, the major difference is that Developer accounts are better at displaying information, while Publisher accounts are better at searching and tracking information.

What if I'm both a Developer and a Publisher, which account should I use?

You can explore both accounts for free as a Free Member to determine which account is best for you.

However, the Developer account gives the ability to both display a detailed profile and search for other Developers.

Can I still sign up if I'm just an individual?

Absolutely! FGD accommodates developers and publishers of all sizes.

On the development side, if you are an art, audio or tech specialist of one, you can still promote yourself to other developers who could use your services, or even Publishers looking to pick up your rare talent for a particular game.

On the Publishing side, if you are just a single entrepreneur with a great game idea, or a designer that has a game mapped out but needs a specialized developer to complete it, FGD can be a great place to find the perfect developer.

Can a developer or publisher have more than one account?

Absolutely! Many developers and publishers have multiple accounts. Different disciplines in a single firm can use FGD in different ways. A single publisher can have Producers, Tech Leads, Artists and Designers all using FGD!

What is the difference between a Free Member and a Gold Member?

Free Members have access to basic features of FGD, and have the opportunity to get a feel for the benefits of Gold Membership before subscribing. Free Members access FGD for free.

Gold Members have complete access to all of the powerful features of FGD to harness the maximum value of FGD. Gold Members also receive premium benefits. Gold Members pay a monthly fee.

What if I want to cancel my Gold Membership?

Gold Memberships can be cancelled with the simple click of a button!

From the moment we started FGD, we felt it was very important that Gold Members could quickly and easily cancel their subscriptions if they didn't feel they were receiving value for their money.

Once a member has cancelled their Gold Membership, they can continue using FGD for free as a Free Member.

What is a promo code?

A promo code allows you to upgrade to Gold Membership for one month for free. This is a great way to test out Gold Member features and make sure it will be a fit for your business.

What if I go back to a Free Member after being a Gold Member?

If you go back to being a Free Member after being a Gold Member, we will still save all of your Gold Member data. So if you decide to go back to being a Gold Member again, all of your data will still be there!

Can Developers view Publisher profiles?

No. Developers cannot view Publisher profiles at this time.


"Find Game Developers" lets you set up a searchable prafile to show case your company and your games to companies actively looking for agame developer.

Our goal is to help you make more money. We create inbound opportunities to break the hand-to-mouth development cycle. We help you monetize youe game engines, tech and IP in new ways by matching you to Publishers that need it. If you are new, we help you get discovered.

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